Corvette Porcelain Collectible Stein With Iconic 1950s Style

Ever since the Corvette® was introduced in the early 1950s, this first all-American sports car became an instant classic. Now, the legendary dream machine inspires this Chevy Corvette Stein, a Masterpiece Stein strictly limited to 10,000 steins worldwide.

Price:$125.00 US


Officially licensed by General Motors, this handcrafted 30-oz. drink-safe porcelain collectible stein wonderfully honors the ‘Vette’s iconic 1950s style.

This must-own stein boasts a hand-painted Corvette emblem, the famous racing flags, the Chevrolet chevron plated in 22k gold and platinum finish base.

Detailed “scooped out” white sides and a high-gloss, chromed-look teeth and grill design pay homage to this classic two-seater.

For the finishing touch, a retro spinner-styled hubcap crowns the top of the stein. Due to the enduring popularity of this legendary American sports car and the strict edition limit of just 10,000 steins worldwide, we expect intense demand.

  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Measures 9″ H; 22.9 cm H; holds 30 oz; 887.2 ml
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