Farmall Autumns Bounty Illuminated Masterpiece Sculpture

For centuries, America’s farmers have relied on Farmall tractors to keep their land running smoothly, especially during harvest time. Now, celebrate their hard work and nature’s bounty with this Farmall Autumn’s Bounty Sculpture.

Price:$129.99 US


Hand-assembled by skilled artisans from over 100 individually handcrafted pieces, this illuminated Farmall sculpture is the perfect way to honor harvest time in the heartland!

Each sculpture in this Farmall Autumn’s Bounty masterpiece is individually handcrafted and hand-painted with time-intensive attention to the tiniest of details.

With 3 illuminated buildings, over 20 figures, and a wealth of foliage bursting with color, there’s something delightful to discover no matter where you look.

You’ll love the faithfully sculpted replicas of the Farmall B and Super M tractors and a classic-style Farmall Red pickup truck. Even the pond is beautifully lit from underneath by long lasting LED lights. A

handsome mahogany finished base with gold tone title plaque completes this striking sculpture!

  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Measures 14-1/2″ W x 5-1/2″ H x 6″ deep; 36.8 cm W x 14 cm H x 15.2 cm deep
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